tiistai 30. maaliskuuta 2010

Funky french with holos

Teki mieli pitkästä aikaa ranskalaisia :-) Alla Nubarin vaaleanpunertava Eiffel Tower Sparks, sen päällä OPI Paris Couture For Sure Glitter Top Coat ja kärjissä Nubarin ihana punainen holo Prize:

I wanted some french for a change :-) First one coat of Nubar Eiffel Tower Sparks, then one coat of OPI Paris Couture For Sure Glitter Top Coat and on tips lovely red holo Nubar Prize.


4 kommenttia:

  1. Thanks smALtY, OPI PCFSGTC and Nubar Prize are my favourite holos. They look good in every lightning.

  2. Hi there! Laaaaaaaadie!
    Which technic do you use to do your french tips?
    I've tried several but I dont have a steady hand...
    Your mani looks great, and its so perfect :)
    Regards, Juliana from Brazil.

  3. Thanks Juliana, I usually do french mani with free hand painting, it works better for me than using guide line stickers. Needs some practising though :-) One tip about painting french manicure is to move your finger, not the brush.